Bathroom Renovation 2014

Earlier this year, Starr Interior Design got the go ahead to put together a team to demolish and renovate a 1970’s Bathroom. The design had been created and approved in 2011, but the clients weren’t ready for construction due to other projects taking precedence – Starr Interior Design also renovated their Ensuite and Kitchen.


The Clients wanted to make the bathroom more user friendly and to fit in as many of their dream items as possible such as a corner bath, heated towel rail, wall-hung vanity and storage space; which we utilised in the shaving cabinet and vanity drawers. The existing layout was such that as soon as you opened the door, you were greeted by a frosted and textured glass shower screen. The corner vanity was outdated and not providing much by way of counter space or storage. The bath flanked the opposite wall and was too small for an adult to use.

Our design had to work with the existing drainage points, but in the end we had to jack hammer the slab to put into place adequate drainage that had not been installed when the building was originally built. It was quite a job, but thanks to Daniel, Peter and the terrific team at DSL Constructions, Bathurst – this went smoothly.


By moving the shower into the bath area, the bath into the corner where the corner vanity originally was and hung the vanity from the original shower position – the Bathroom visually looked bigger and was certainly more user friendly.


With all the best laid plans and well thought out design, there’s always something unexpected that turns up to spoil the fun – Termites! When the old bathroom was being demolished, it was evident how much damage these little buggers had done. They not only had chomped their way through all the timber frames in the bathroom, but they had moved through to the adjoining music room and spare room as well.




This put a real spanner in the works as the rotten frames had to be replaced, the Pest Exterminator had to be called which extended our renovation time and budget further that had been anticipated. It really pays to be vigilant when it comes termites, try not to have any wood piles near the house, or in this case, the culprit it seems was a retaining wall that the termites had moved on to probably when the retaining wall had been replaced; but it suddenly made sense as to why the roof sagged in places. The owner counted themselves lucky that the damage was not more extensive and that the termites had gone.

Once the wall cladding went up and was either plastered or waterproofed, the renovation went ahead back to schedule. Jordan from Pozzo Tiles did a fantastic job waterproofing, leveling, laying and lining up tiles to sheer perfection! The tiles really added to the feel of the luxury bathroom that the Clients wanted.


The end result was a lovely, up-to-date, user-friendly bathroom that is a pleasure to be in. Every space had been carefully utilised to its best advantage with carefully hidden storage, fantastic lighting, heating and quality finishes really add to the high-end feel of the space. Our Clients were delighted with the design and the huge effort that went into making this a reality. Well done team!


If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, why make life stressful? Give us a call. We can make sure you get the right design for your needs and budget, have trustworthy and reliable tradies on the job, take away all the legwork, hassle and stress of renovating and ensure your renovation turns out just the way you wanted; so you can get on and do all the other great things you want to do.